Since I can remember myself I have always wanted to be able to do something, not everyone could. I took the hardest road, knowing that competition will not be as tough. When I turned 15 I started to show interest in manipulations with playing cards. Those manipulations were not card tricks, back then people referred to it as "cheating". Now I could call it all a “trick”. After a while, when I had learnt a few tricks I was able to easily beat my peers in card games. Time passed and the stakes went up. When I was 18, I was playing Poker, but when I turned 22 I understood that the risk of putting my skills into action while at table is too high. After a few unpleasant incidents I was done with playing cards for money. For half a year I had had cards in my hands every day, when an interesting idea struck me – I could put all my knowledge into magic. By accident I met one of the most talented illusionists in the country. Even though I wanted to evolve my card skills, I borrowed many interesting magic tricks from him. Lately I am trying to give a performance everywhere I am invited to do that. As my specialty is cards, I am mostly giving performances of micromagic. In addition, I have held seminars about card tricks and illusion, mostly for employees of casinos. Honestly, ever since I have swapped card playing to magic my life has gotten more interesting. Now I am able to use these so called “cheating” skills gained in past when performing the art of illusion.