Weiss is charismatic talented young magician who is in magic  more than 15 years. In year 2003 when he was thirteen years old he became a member of Baltic Magician Club, where he was youngest member and from that time  perform magic professionaly. In year 2007 He have become a member of Northern Europe Magician Society. Also from year 2009 he become a member of IBM. He has performed in both national and interntaitonal level. Mustkunst liit.

He’s style of magic is original and unique combination of Modern Magic mixed with Classic Magic. He have ability to create a miracle in front of an audience. In he’s performance he likes to create illusion that there is no line between reality and surreality and  anything is possible. He put a special attention on pure sleght of hand performing in Close Up style, also performing magic starting from classic effects and escape magic endig with supernatural illuisons and mentalism. Best thing in this kind of magic is that each spectator can feel himself as a part of miracle that He create in front of their eyes because each and everyone can participate in show. About he’s education in this sphere he can tell that he have taken a private lessons from some famous magicians and also been in many conventions and lectures especially for magicians around the world, that gives him ability to show world class magic in Close Up for few people or amaze hundreds of people from stage. He can create a breath taking miracle anyplace anytime without  great preparation.

Corporate Events

If your company has a special event arising, be it a new line of products/ services or the infamous party,then why not go for something a little different?
Whether it is social or formal, walk around or sat at tables; Weiss fits the bill with his personal and unique magic.
Make the occasion special by booking Weiss and you can enjoy some quality professional entertainment with your colleagues at an affordable price.

Bar and Restaurant

If you run a bar, restaurant or similar venture, you’ll be amazed at how much a magician can increase your business.
Weiss has, experience performing in bars and around restaurant tables. Clients have always welcomed him back and many happy customers have returned to the same venue to be entertained by Weiss again.

Private Event

Should you require entertainment at your next private event then hiring Weiss is a real winner.Weiss is constantly re-working his performance to suit any occasion and can make your event an amazing,  personal, magical and most importantly, memorable experience.